1 Oct 2013

How to Harvest Rainwater

I would like to share my very efficient, low budget Rainwater Harvesting system.
In Malaysia, pipe treated water is "free" or sold "dirt cheap" to consumer, therefore if you are looking at ways to save on the water bill by harvesting rain water....click the back button, no need to read further.
If you are planning to harvest rain water because it is the right thing to do to preserve treated water and you do not want to break your bank account , continue reading
Treated pipe water is so cheap that it cost less to let a toilet leak than to repair the leak; wonder why our taps are running dry.......

Most add-on rain water harvesting systems on the market are either too complicated, need a pump, wiring and cost to much to even consider.
The video clip below illustrate how to harvest ~100 liters of rain water with:
  • recycled plastic ~100 liters drum, purchased at the recycling yard
  • about 3 m of 3" pvc pipe, elbow an "T" joints (look at the recycling yard before going to the hardware shop; you may find discarded short lengths of pipes good enough for your purpose)
  • about 2 m of angle bars to hang the drum and get some free water pressure
  • 3 wall plugs to hang the brackets
  • 2 ball valves, a tap
  • a soft drink bottle...used as a floater for the automatic "dirt water diverter" 
  • self tapping screws

Leave a comment if you like what you see or if you need more DIY info to reproduce your own rain water harvesting system.

17 Jul 2013

Recycling saves General Motors $1bn

General Motors confirmed that it recycles 90 per cent of its worldwide manufacturing waste and has 105 landfill-free facilities across the globe, a figure it aims to raise to 125 by the end of the decade. 
Innovations have helped GM reduce total waste by 25 kilograms per vehicle since 2010.

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